Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adoni and the Mosque

I am more than half way through my time here in India. I am missing my friends and family. I am making new friends here in Yemmiganur at the school and at the office of IndiVillage where I spend a lot of my before and after school time. These people take such good care of me, but it is an effort to communicate with them in a relaxed way because of the language differences. My friend Oliver is my best support, and I have gradually become more independent of his guidance and direction.
The visual stimulation I encounter just in walking around town, and being in a large crowded school each day, is so pervasive and dominant that I have little time for reflection and reading and writing. I am taking so much in, and I am not processing it or sharing it, except some with Oliver.
Writing in this blog has been very important for me to do the kind of reflection and sharing that nurtures me. I appreciate all of you who are following me here. I feel your love and support and appreciation for what I am doing.
On Sunday I went to visit the nearby town of Adoni. Riaz, a friend from IndiVillage invited me to go to his Mosque and see some 17th century temple ruins in the mountains. Here are some pictures.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your feelings about what you're experiencing, and also the powerful, intimate images of the everyday life around you. So happy for you, that you're able to share and receive so much. Good luck "processing" India -- I'm still working on it 2 years later...