Sunday, December 04, 2011

Two Days in Bangalore

I have spent the last two days in Bangalore, and we are driving tomorrow to the town where I will be for the rest of the month, Yemmiganur.
Oliver and I have been driven around by our driver, Siddapa, and our translator, Urukundu, both of whom are from Yemmiganur and will be with us while we are there.
Bangalore is so big and crowded, the traffic is fast and wild, the streets are very rough, the sidewalks are often full of trash or holes. There are cows in busy city streets. It is different than any thing I have ever seen. We went to a Krishna ceremony last night that was very large and energetic.
It has been exhausting for me to make the time adjustment, have my day filled with site seeing, and not having much time alone. But I am doing well, and once I am settled into my room in Yemmiganur I will be able to rest and carve out for myself the time and space I need to relax.
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