Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hampi: The Ruins of a 16th Century Empire

On Monday we drove about 4 hours to Hampi to tour the vast ruins of a 16th century civilization. It was amazing, vast and beautiful.
Here is a link to more information about Hampi. And here are tons of pictures.

I am getting ready to return home on Saturday, and I am beginning to say goodbye to the people I have met and worked with here for the past four weeks. I will be glad to see my friends and family in Maine, and to be back in my quiet home. Eventually, I think, I will miss India.

Christmas Day visits

Divya, Uma, Swati, Keeti and Sushma, girls in the ninth grade, came to my house on Christmas morning to wish me a happy Christmas.  We walked to both of their homes and I had snacks at each home for breakfast. Sushma came later, and we all walked into the shopping area to buy some presents for my family in America. They helped me pick out a dress, and some bracelets. They took me to a temple nearby their homes. I enjoyed their excitement in taking me to their homes to meet their families, and in helping me shop. Here are some pictures from the day.