Monday, January 02, 2012

Safely Home Pictures

The Pictures from the previous post are now available.

Safely Home

After many hours on airplanes and airports, I am happy to be home. My house is safe and sound, and I am beginning to unpack and settle in for the winter. I am feeling emotionally tender and sensitive. I am physically tired but healthy and well. The quiet in my home and in the woods where I walked this morning is such a contrast to the people filled spaces that I have been in for the past four weeks.
The farewells on my last day at school were very moving and caring, and I left feeling a deep connection to the students, teachers and friends that I met during my time in India.
Here are some pictures of the farewell event at school. The principal had a special set of clothes made for me for the event, and the tailor came in the morning and dressed me up in the Juba, Dhoti and cap. I felt very special. The kids loved seeing me all dressed up.
I will write more as I settle in here at home and let you know about how I am processing this wonderful experience for me in India.