Monday, December 26, 2011

Car Blessing

Yesterday morning I asked my driver, Sidapa, to take me to school. I was running a little late. He often is polishing the car in the morning and we usually leave promptly. This morning he had just started to do some kind of ritual in front of the car, and he said he would be just five minutes. The ritual took about 20 minutes, and he had no sense of my impatience in waiting. I finally let go of my need to “get to work”. This type of blessing is done on the new moon, and it was apparently very necessary. I accepted it as part of what it takes for me to be safe amidst the wild driving and traffic in Yemmiganur. I cannot begin to describe how skilled the drivers are here at doing “crazy” maneuvering on the streets in their cars, autos (three wheeled taxis), bicycles, ox carts and motorcycles. Recently I started to relax as I am driven through this wildness. Here are some pictures of the car ritual.

Visiting Homes

I have visited the homes of several 9th grade girls yesterday and today. Their families are so honored that I come into their homes. I can only imagine how much of a blessing it is for them that I do that.
I have been training three teachers to manage the new website that I have set up for them using Joomla. I am aware of how I will need to continue to support them when I am home, and I will be happy to do that.
I haven’t talked about the weather because it is the same everyday. It is sunny and warm, in the 70’s to 90’s , and very comfortable for me.
I am working just three more days at the school next week, and on Friday I will be going to Bangalore to fly home. So my remaining time is filled with the sense that I will be leaving and saying goodbye to all my friends here. I have become adjusted and comfortable here and I am relaxing. I can begin to see the value of all that I have done relating to the computer lab. But the bigger picture is of my connections with all of the children and teachers and others with whom I have been forming relationships.