Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What to Do?

Each Day I have to figure out what to have students do in the computer lab, using the internet.
We have been doing some simple educational interactive programs in science. Yesterday I tried to use Google Maps to do some things, but the network was very slow. But kids were still amazed.
This morning I went in with not a clue what to do. Because the power was out for the first hour, I was able to work out a good activity with Ganga, the English teacher who is with me every day in the lab.
We had the kids use Wikipedia to look up some specific facts about India and cut and paste that into a Word document. We did that with four classes, and it went very well. A couple of administrators stopped by and they were impressed.
Ganga asked me if there was something we could do using Phonetics later this week. I was doubtful, but we did a Google search and found just what he was looking for, an interactive game using Phonetics.
Things seem to just come together, as I stand amazed.
I had a bit of a watery eye as I stood in the middle of the lab, passively watching the teacher and students all working productively together.
After school, Pawan, the computer teacher, invited Oliver an me to go to his house for some tea.
Here are some pictures of his house.

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  1. Martin,

    You look and sound like you have adapted very well to your adventure. We like your new haircut.

    Sofia & John