Monday, December 26, 2011

Car Blessing

Yesterday morning I asked my driver, Sidapa, to take me to school. I was running a little late. He often is polishing the car in the morning and we usually leave promptly. This morning he had just started to do some kind of ritual in front of the car, and he said he would be just five minutes. The ritual took about 20 minutes, and he had no sense of my impatience in waiting. I finally let go of my need to “get to work”. This type of blessing is done on the new moon, and it was apparently very necessary. I accepted it as part of what it takes for me to be safe amidst the wild driving and traffic in Yemmiganur. I cannot begin to describe how skilled the drivers are here at doing “crazy” maneuvering on the streets in their cars, autos (three wheeled taxis), bicycles, ox carts and motorcycles. Recently I started to relax as I am driven through this wildness. Here are some pictures of the car ritual.


  1. Martin, thank you for sharing your feelings about the things you are encountering on this trip. Hearing about bringing Spirit consciously with such focus into a mundane activity like traveling in one's car underlines the differences you have been living with. What a gift to be able to let go of the need for hurry.
    I couldn't see the link for the photos.

  2. Hi Martin....wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your day to day encounters and the great pictures. Just for your information the last pictures of the car Blessing did not come thru.