Monday, December 26, 2011

Visiting Homes

I have visited the homes of several 9th grade girls yesterday and today. Their families are so honored that I come into their homes. I can only imagine how much of a blessing it is for them that I do that.
I have been training three teachers to manage the new website that I have set up for them using Joomla. I am aware of how I will need to continue to support them when I am home, and I will be happy to do that.
I haven’t talked about the weather because it is the same everyday. It is sunny and warm, in the 70’s to 90’s , and very comfortable for me.
I am working just three more days at the school next week, and on Friday I will be going to Bangalore to fly home. So my remaining time is filled with the sense that I will be leaving and saying goodbye to all my friends here. I have become adjusted and comfortable here and I am relaxing. I can begin to see the value of all that I have done relating to the computer lab. But the bigger picture is of my connections with all of the children and teachers and others with whom I have been forming relationships.

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